This list has been compiled for Not Without My Ghosts: The Artist As Medium, a major exhibition of artists and works inspired by mediumistic methodologies and their deep cultural history.  Titles marked with an asterisk * are held in Outset Study.

Title Author Year Selected by ISBN URL
William Blake: catalogue of the collection in the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge * David Bindman
The complete drawings: William Blake, Dante's divine comedy * Sebastian Schutze
Wormwood star: the magickal life of Marjorie Cameron * Spencer Kansa
Bonnie Camplin: railway mania * James Beighton
Bonnie Camplin: what of salty water * Bonnie Camplin
Ann Churchill: colouring book * Ann Churchill
Medea's charms: selected shorter writing of Ithell Colquhoun * Edited by Richard Shillitoe
Dreamers awake * Edited by Honey Luard
Goose of Hermogenes * Ithell Colquhoun
As above so below: portals, visions, spirits & mystics * Edited by Rachael Thomas
Louise Despont: energy scaffolds and information architecture (Drawing Papers 124)Available online at: Brett Littman
Vitamin D2: new perspectives in drawing * Edited by Christian Rattemeyer
Walk the line: the art of drawing * Marco Valli
Madge Gill by Myrninerest * Edited by Sophie Dutton
Light: the art and spirit of Madge Gill* [special edition of the journal ‘Light’] Edited by Gill Matini
Susan Hiller * Ann Gallagher
Susan Hiller: the dream and the word * Susan Hiller
In the air tonight * Christine Nippe
Line * Curated by Drawing Room
Outrageous Fortune Tarot Deck * Andrew Hunt
Dream machines * Susan Hiller
World receivers: Georgiana Houghton, Hilma af Klint, Emma Kunz * Karin Althaus
Georgina Houghton: spirit drawings * Simon Grant
Dessins de Victor Hugo * Paul Chenay
Victor Hugo: Der schwarze Romantiker = The dark romanticist * Ivan Ristic
Stones to Stains: The Drawings of Victor Hugo Edited by Cynthia Burlingham and Allegra Pesenti
Augustin Lesage * Fage Editions
La peinture Mediumnique d'Augustine Lesage * Maximillien de Lafayette
Spiral book * Ann Lislegaard
Automatic cities: the architectural imaginary in contemporary art * Robin Clark
Andre Masson: line unleashed, a retrospective exhibition of drawings at the Hayward Gallery, London * David Sylvester
Il n'y a pas de monde acheve: Andre Masson: pintura, dibuix, escultura * Galeria Marc Domenech
Surrealist women: an international anthology* Penelope Rosemont
A stellar key to the Summerland * Olivia Plender
Bring back Robin Hood: note on an imagined community * Olivia Plender
Evil genius: the adventure the ecstasy the agony the supreme suspense * Olivia Plender
Rise early be industrious * Olivia Plender
The road to ruin: a lesson on temperance * Olivia Plender
Sigmar Polke: arbeiten auf papier 1963-1974 * Margit Rowell
Sigmar Polke: objects real and imagined * Michael Werner
Alibis: Sigmar Polke, 1963 – 2010 * Kathy Halbreich
Colori: emotions of color in art * Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev
Revolt of the sage * Edited by Simon Moretti
Zeichnungsraume : Positionen zeitgenossischer Graphik = Drawing rooms : trends in contemporary graphic art * Hubertus Gafsner
Anatta experiment * Lea Porsager
Refractions: fallen visionary: Austin Osman Spare * Stephen Pochin
The book of pleasure (self-love), the psychology of ecstasy * Austin Osman Spare
Yves Tanguy: exhibition of paintings, gouaches and drawings * Nicolas Calas
Waste material * David Musgrave
Suzanne Treister: 3 projects * Annely Juda Fine Art
Hexen 2039: new military-occult technologies for psychological warfare: a Rosalind Brodsky research programme * Suzanne Treister
Suzanne Treister: HFT the gardener * Annely Juda Fine Art
In the name of art and other recent works * Suzanne Treister
Suzanne Treister: from SURVIVOR (F) to The Escapist BHST (Black Hole Spacetime)* Kay Watson
New voices * Jo Gutteridge
Evenings at Home in Spiritual Séance (1st and 2nd series) Georgiana Houghton
Shadows of a Hand: The Drawings of Victor Hugo Drawing Center New York
Austin Osman Spare: The Life and Legend of London’s Lost Artist Phil Baker
Georgiana Houghton: Spirit Drawings * Simon Grant
Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future Tracey Bashkoff
Madge Gill by Myrninerest * Edited by Sophie Dutton
A Tale of Mother's Bones: Grace Pailthorpe, Reuben Mednikoff and the Birth of Psychorealism Edited by Hope Wolf
Ithell Colquhoun: Artist and Occultist Amy Hale
Thought-Forms * Annie Besant and Charles Webster Leadbeater
On the Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art James Elkins
The Spiritual in Art: Abstract Painting 1890-1985 Edited by Maurice Tuchman
Traces du sacré: Catalogue publié à l’occasion de l’exposition ‘Traces du sacré’, Paris, Centre Pompidou, 2008 Edited by Mark Alizart
Weltempfänger: Georgiana Houghton - Hilma af Klint - Emma Kunz Edited by Karin Althaus, Matthias Mühling and Sebastian Schneider
Enchanted Modernities: Theosophy, the Arts, and the American West Edited by Christopher Scheer, Sarah V. Turner and James Mansell
Georgiana Houghton. Spirit Drawings * Simon Grant, Lars Bang Larsen and Marco Pasi
Hilma af Klint: Visionary Edited by Kurt Almqvist and Louise Belfrage
Hilma af Klint: Seeing is Believing Edited by Kurt Almqvist and Louise Belfrage
Hilma af Klint. The Art of Seeing the Invisible Edited by Kurt Almqvist and Louise Belfrage
Hilma af Klint: The Greatness of Things Edited by John Hutchinson
Hilma af Klint: Notes and Methods Edited by Christine Burgin
Emma Kunz: Visionary Drawings Edited by Melissa Blanchflower and Natalia Grabowska
Emma Kunz: Artist, Researcher, Natural Healer Edited by Anton C. Meier
Options with Nostrils Edited by Alexis Vaillant
Real Magic Edited by Susanne Witzgall
Anatta Experiment Lea Porsager
Vidya Gastaldon, Les Rescapés Marco Pasi and Gaëlle Rageot-Deshayes
The Hidden Hand * [article] In Tate Etc. 37 (Summer 2016), published by Tate, London, 2016, pp. 88-95 Marco Pasi
The Red Book: Liber Novus * Carl Gustav Jung
Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome [film] 1954 Directed by Kenneth Anger
Konx-Om-Pax: Three aspects of Sound: as the first motion of the immovable, as creative force, as the sacred syllable 'Om’ [music composition] 1969 Giacinto Scelsi
Isis Unveiled: Secret of the Ancient Wisdom Tradition * Helena P. Blavatsky
Thought Forms Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater
Lecture 8: Karma of the Higher Beings [book chapter] In Manifestations of Karma By Rudolf Steiner Published by Rudolf Steiner Press, Forest Row, 2000 Rudolf Steiner
The Message: Art & Occultism * Edited by Michael Krajewski
The Medium’s Medium: Spiritualist Art Practices from The Turn-Of-The-Century and Beyond * Gallery of Everything
Seth speaks: the eternal validity of the soul Jane Roberts
Emerson on Swedenborg: introducing the mystic Ralph Waldo Emerson
Light: The Art and Spirit of Madge Gill, Special Edition of Light * In 'Light: A Review of Psychic and Spiritual Knowledge and Research', Vol 140, Special Edition, June 2019

Titles marked with an asterix * are held in the Outset Study library