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Outset Study is Drawing Room’s free, open-access research hub comprising of a specialist contemporary drawing library and study room. Online resources are also available, including videos, essays, study lists, exhibition guides, artist directory and Outset Study library catalogue. Drawing Room strives to provide a unique resource for the promotion of drawing, its practice, theory and methodology – proving opportunities to examine, produce and research drawing today.



Read and Draw

Sat 5 November 2016 : 1:00pm – 4:00pm

It is just the beginning (Receiver) 2014

Drop-in and Draw workshops led by Annotations artist Yu-Chen Wang.

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Every Thursday we make Outset Study an extra special place for study with tea on tap and the librarian available all day offering assistance.  Plan your visit by browsing our library catalogue.

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Annotations will include 6 artists over a 3 year period. Each artist will undertake a period of supported residency, researching the library collection to create a work for the Outset Study  - using the wall, the space, or intervening with the library collection itself. Annotations Outset Study Commissions are supported by Veronique Parke and Outset Contemporary Art Fund.

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