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    Jasmine Johnson, Love VII (Blinds) 2020 Watercolour pencils on paper, 36 x 51 cm Courtesy the artist

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    Jasmine Johnson, Untitled (detail) 2020 Watercolour pencils on paper, 42 x 59 cm Courtesy the artist

Annotations II: Jasmine Johnson

9 March 2020 - 31 August 2020. Launch 14 July 2020


Jasmine Johnson’s commission for Annotations II continues to explore an ongoing interest in love addiction, this time in relation to physical isolation. Johnson’s drawing residency explores the ordeal of being alone in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic; messages and still-life photographs from queer people living in cities around the world inform the drawings. Through the long study of their environments as well as of her own, Johnson explores the theatrics and banality of aloneness and what happens to our surroundings when love, addiction and isolation are navigated through elected objects.


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Jasmine Johnson (b.1985, Brighton) lives in London. Studied MFA at Goldsmiths. Johnson works with video, drawing, objects and performance. She is a lecturer in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University. Residencies include Rabbit Island, North America; alt.Barbican Programme, London; Hospitalfield, Arbroath; British Council Maker Library Residency, London; and Rupert, Vilnius. Select exhibitions include More Than Two: Omnibus, Barbican, London (2018); More than two: Episode 3, ALAMANAC, London (2018); This is Not This: Jasmine Johnson and Rachel Pimm, Devos Museum, Michigan (2018); Place des Arts, Montreal (2017); Upright, Jerwood, London (2016); Bloomberg New Contemporaries, ICA, London (2015); Third Party, ASI, Moscow (2015) and Graduate Screening, Chisenhale, London (2014). 


Annotations II is a series of artist residencies and commissions for Drawing Room’s Outset Study.  It follows on from the successful Annotations project and continues to provide artists with a period of supported residency, researching the library collection to create a work for Outset Study - using the wall, the space, or intervening within the library collection itself.

Annotations II is funded by Emma Goltz.