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  • View large image Kate Macfarlane and Heather Phillipson in conversation

    Kate Macfarlane and Heather Phillipson in conversation Photography by Dan Weill

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    Sarnath Banerjee, The Many Half Lives of Vasundhara Rangarajan, 2017 Pen and ink on paper Courtesy of the artist and Project 88, Mumbai

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    Ghost House, 2018 Acrylic, beech plywood, gesso, monoprint (lithography oil), UV direct-to-media print. Courtesy the artist and Drawing Room

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    Getting Closer installation view Courtesy the artist and Drawing Room. Installation photograph by Andy Keate

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    Expo Dream Leech, 2019. Ink, monoprint, acetate and pastel on wooden panel, 18 x 27 cm. Courtesy the artist and Drawing Room

Annotations - Outset Study Commissions

Annotations is a series of artist commissions for Drawing Room’s Outset Study. Including 6 artists over a 3 year period, each artist will undertake a period of supported residency, researching the library collection to create a work for Outset Study  - using the wall, the space, or intervening with the library collection itself.

The current, and sixth Annotations artist is Adam Shield. You can read more about his installation for Outset Study Expo Dream Leech here.

Annotations has been conceived to enable selected artists to develop their practice through research, experimentation and risk taking. The selected artists will help to grow and disseminate Outset Study resources by sharing the research and new ideas that their time in residence generates. Annotations follows on from the artist commission The Rules of the Library, 2013 by Peter Liversidge. Read about previous Annotations commissions below:

Annotations 1: Yu-Chen Wang here.

Annotations 2: Heather Phillipson here.

Annotations 3: Sarnath Banerjee here.

Annotations 4: Patrick Goddard here.

Annotations 5: Devlin Shea here.

Annotations 6: Adam Shield here.

Annotations Outset Study Commissions are supported by Veronique Parke and Outset Contemporary Art Fund.

This project has been continued by Annotations II  which can be seen here