Study Project

The Rules of the Library

24 June – 15 December 2015

By Peter Liversidge Billboard poster, a temporary commission for Outset Study The rules for the library are given as instruction; they are rules for behaving within a space or organization, in this case the new Drawing Room Outset Study. They…

Hardeep Pandhal Bursary Award 2015

17 June – 5 September 2015

Glasgow based artist Hardeep Pandhal has been selected for Drawing Room’s summer 2015 Bursary Award. The Bursary Award reflects Drawing Room’s commitment to supporting the development of artists’ practice by providing opportunities for risk…

Drawing One Hundred: One Thousand Works Later

5 March – 30 April 2015

Study Plan Chest Display In our seven Biennials since the inaugural Drawing One Hundred in 2003, over 1,300 drawings have been specially made for Drawing Room and auctioned in support of our programme. Coinciding with Drawing Biennial 2015, this Study display celebrates the…

Study Project

Objects for Chromosome Damage

13 December 2014 – 21 February 2015

This display, which coincides with our main exhibition Chromosome Damage, presents a series of objects selected and loaned by Daniel Guzmán. These objects are indicative of the many influences on Guzmán’s latest series …

Hands On

13 September 2014 – 31 July 2015

Hands On by Lisa Milroy is comprised of over a hundred watercolour drawings of ordinary objects - from hairclip to spanner, sponge to snow globe –that have been photographed as an installation and printed on vinyl for a wall…

Contemporary Drawings at Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge

16 June 2014 – 21 June 2015

To complement New Rhythms ,an exhibition of the work of Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, drawings by ten contemporary artists can be found in the attic and ground floor of the Kettle's Yard House in Cambridge. They…

Shop Pop-Up

4 March 2013 – 21 February 2015

We are expanding our shop into a seasonal 'pop-up' featuring an eclectic range of unique works, limited editions and discounted books. ALSO SHOP ONLINE HERE Highlights include: - Lothar Götz ​Untitled, 2014. Eight colour lithograph on grey Magnani…