Identity and Politics Reading Group

Every Eye sees differently as the EyeDrawing Room, 2007, installation view



A study group led by the artist as part of the Hardeep Pandhal Open Studio.

The session will consider key theoretical works selected by the artist, including texts by Roger Caillois, Michael Taussig and Jean Rhys, linking theories of spatial visual perception to the broader identity politics invoked in the artist's work.  The discussion will be led by Hardeep Pandhal in collaboration with Nishana Sukul, and will also touch upon themes of parody, appropriation and assimilation in both the texts and the artist's works.

Hardeep Pandhal has been selected for Drawing Room’s summer 2015 Bursary Award, more info here. Nishana Sukul is PHD candidate at the History of Art department, University of Edinburgh.

Texts will be sent to all ticket holders in advance of the evening.