In Outset Study…


Since opening in October 2013 Outset Study has welcomed thousands of visitors and researchers, introducing them to an un-paralleled collection of material on contemporary drawing.  We have hosted group visits from students and tutors of the Royal College of Art, Camberwell College and the Mary Ward Centre amongst others, and assisted curators, lecturers, students and artists with focused research. 

We continue to receive book donations from galleries, artists, personal collectors and our international exchange partners.  This month sees the exciting addition of over 40 books to the library, generously donated by the Colombian Ministry of Culture, the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, José Antonio Suárez Londoño and Catalina Casas.

Study events continue to promote deeper engagement with Drawing Room exhibitions.  Our recent talk on Abstract Drawing artist Nasreen Mohamedi by Emilia Terracciano examined the artist’s drawings and photographs and tracked her career.  Our new series of Study Groups also explore current exhibition themes, and experiment with experiences of looking at, and listening to artworks. 

Our Plan Chest Display #2 on Abstract Drawing Artists and the Lisson Gallery (19 February – 19th April 2014) includes private view cards, photographs, press cuttings and correspondence from the Lisson Gallery Archive.  One of the longest running contemporary art galleries in the world, Lisson Gallery has played a key role in introducing many important Minimal and Conceptual artists, including a number of artists in Abstract Drawing

Finally our huge artist billboard installation The Rules of the Library by Peter Liversidge continues to excite the interest of Study visitors as an arresting focal point in the space.  Kate Macfarlane, Drawing Room co-director, reflects:

This poster work by London-based artist Peter Liversidge – in which Drawing Room’s Study rules are polluted with nonsense or with rules taken from entirely different institutions – such as the library of congress to rules for pool-side etiquette –  sums up what we see as the purpose of this STUDY –  to facilitate an exploration of drawing by artists, students, curators, and other individuals and institutions. 

We have also acquired a collection of Liversidge's beautiful small edition artists’ books – the most complete collection available in any library in London.

Key new additions to the library are posted on twitter and can be seen in the ‘New Books’ section of the library.

The Rules of the Library, 2013The Rules of the Library, 2013Billboard poster