Time/ Image/ Construction

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A one-week drawing summer school

This intensive programme will introduce new approaches and techniques of contemporary drawing. Devised and led by Jack Southern, Time / Image / Construction includes practical drawing workshops led by artists Charles Avery, Dryden Goodwin and Emma Stibbon. Participants will also benefit from a group crit with Drawing Room directors, and access to the unique resources of our gallery and Outset Study library.

Drawing upon the influences and thinking processes of Charles Avery, Dryden Goodwin and Emma Stibbon we will explore a range of ideas from their drawing practices including:

  • Time: the potential relationship of drawing to photography and moving image
  • Image: our relationship to image-making in an image-saturated society, including issues of representation, authenticity and the archive
  • Construction: the constructed memory and the role of the sub-conscious in the act of drawing

In day long practical workshops the lead artists will share the methods, approaches and attitudes that inform their drawing practices. Providing an opportunity for participants to extend, question and test the conceptual and practical possibilities of their own drawing practices.  

The summer school is open to all and we imagine will be of particular interest to those who are seeking an opportunity to expand their ways of thinking about drawing through making.

All materials will be provided

Mon 11 July: Workshop led by Emma Stibbon

Tues 12 July: Workshop led by Charles Avery

Wed 13 July: Self led making /research with access to workshop space and Outset Study

Thurs 14 July : Workshop led by Dryden Goodwin

Fri 15 July: Reflections on the week, including a group crit with Drawing Room directors

The week will be led by course leader Jack Southern

11am – 5pm daily  


Jack Southern’s creative work spans teaching, art making, research and writing. In 2014 he devised and co-ordinated ‘Drawing making, Making drawing’ at Drawing Room, which included a display, series of talks, seminars and workshops. This drew inspiration from his previous collaborative project ‘Drawing Projects’ (1st Edition published, July 2011 / by Black Dog Publishing). Southern’s research has been disseminated through conference contributions and published papers, including the Thinking Through Drawing conference at Columbia University and Metropolitan Museum, New York, in November 2014. Southern is a senior lecturer at University of Gloucestershire, and is currently working towards a new publication entitled, Time/Image/Construction.