Workshop 1 – Drawing making – Making drawing with Tim Knowles

Wall drawing

Tim KnowlesWall drawingC-Type prints and mixed media objects, dimensions variable



Workshop with Tim Knowles + Jack Southern as part of Drawing making – Making drawing

‘For me drawing is all about movement, it is always the result of an action, a record of motion as a result of a force exerted over time’ Tim Knowles (taken from Drawing Projects, 2011)

Through various practical drawing exercises utilizing a wide range of approaches, this workshop will focus on process rather than outcome in order to explore key themes and ideas which relate to Tim Knowles’s work. Considering the line’s journey, route or path as of primary concern will allow us to explore the notion of a drawing as record of a period of time; a trace of movement and action distilled into a still object.  

‘A child’s drawing in condensation on the window may be gone by the morning chill, but was a drawing and may be vividly remembered’ Tim Knowles (taken from Drawing Projects, 2011.) ‘Does a drawing need to have a permanence or can it leave its mark in the mind?’ Knowles asks, giving us permission to engage in ideas beyond the visual and aesthetic concerns of representation, addressing key questions of permanence, ephemerality evidence and memory. Working with ideas of spatial mapping and abstraction, we will explore the boundaries of delineation and encrypted visual information.

As part of the workshop Tim Knowles will be giving an artist talk, showing projects which will extended the themes of the workshop to incorporate ideas of action, performance and collaboration as integral elements within the process of making drawings.

Part of Drawing making – Making drawing a series of talks, in-conversations, discussions and workshops conceived of and devised by artist, writer and educator, Jack Southern.

*Please note, lunch is not provided and participants will need to bring to the workshop a range of pencils (e.g. HB through to 8B)