Summer School

IMG_4403.jpgStudents joined the summer school with artist Joy Gerrard in 2017



Drawing Room Summer School is an annual week long programme of dynamic workshops, devised and led by established artists. It offers participants a stimulating practical and conceptual approach to drawing through workshops that develop skills, techniques and test out ideas.

This year’s Summer School is devised and led by Amalia Pica with Lisa Brice and Paul Noble.

For 2018 participants will explore a range of drawing processes and ideas based on themes in our exhibition A Slice through the World (13 June-5 August).  

Workshops take place in the Drawing Room gallery and participants will have access to our unique library. 

Drawing has always been the foremost means to observe, record and to think about the world. Its resilience as a medium and thinking process makes it a strong tool for contemporary artists to explore positions of radicalism. Taking inspiration from our recent exhibition A Slice through the World, participants on the 2018 Summer School will explore these ideas through a range of drawing processes and concepts. Please see below to download a summary of the week.

The Summer School is open to all, and is particularly suitable for those aspiring to study art, current students or recent graduates, practicing artists and arts educators looking for new challenges, peer mentoring and critique. Materials are provided.

Amalia Pica is a London-based Argentinian artist who explores metaphor, communication, and civic participation through sculptures, installations, photographs, projections, live performances, and drawings.

“It has helped reframe my practice, challenging me to change my approach and review the way I plan and execute my work. It is the best short course I’ve been on.” – Summer School 2016 participant

“The course was well structured and very informative. Our workshops were engaging and fun. The group worked really well together and I really enjoyed this week of learning and making.” – Summer School 2017 participant

“It gave me the focus, space and time to think about what I am really about in my art practice, to experiment, and to exchange with other artists.” –  Summer School 2017 participant


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