Read and Draw

Divergence 2015

Yu-Chen WangDivergence 2015Coloured pencil and watercolour on paper. 30x44cm



Drop-in and Draw workshops led by Annotations artist Yu-Chen Wang.

Annotations artist Yu-Chen Wang creates a shared space of exchange and creativity, for visitors to read and draw in the Outset study, in the first of two Read and Draw sessions. Wang invites visitors to come and use the facilities at Outset Study at Drawing Room to read and draw collectively;  to be part of a shared environment for exchange and creativity. Wang invites visitors to come and use the facilities at Drawing Room to read and draw collectively, and to spend time with the artist. Wang eschews the formality of a taught class, and invites visitors to come and go freely through the day, to browse the publications and make drawings within the Study and the gallery space. 

FREE event: Drawing materials including coloured pencils and papers of varying textures will be provided. 

The second Read and Draw with Yu-Chen Wang will take place at Drawing Room on Saturday 3 November from 1-4pm. This will be followed by a performance by the artist in January 2017, exploring different states of reading and uttering.

More info on Yu-Chen Wang's Annotations project here.

Drop-in and Draw is supported by Cass Art. Annotations is a series of artist residencies resulting in new commissions for Outset Study. Supported by Veronique Parke and Outset Contemporary Art Fund.