Ciara Phillips Bursary Award 2013

No title, 2015

Ciara PhillipsNo title, 2015
Screen-print on paper,



The Bursary Award reflects Drawing Room’s commitment to supporting the development of artists’ practice by providing opportunities for risk taking and experimentation. Every two years we offer an artist the opportunity to develop a body of work using the gallery for four weeks either as a studio, or, to present their work for public exhibition,or a combination of the two. Selection is through a process of invited nominations from curators, artists, writers and academics around the UK and Ireland. Artists are then invited to submit an application.

Ciara Phillips (born Ottawa, Canada, lives in Glasgow) was resident in the gallery from 5 – 25 August 2013. Ciara’s practice explores an expanded approach to printmaking and photography as well as the collaborative nature of art production and the communities of interest that give rise to the creation and dissemination of art and ideas. Throughout August she used the gallery as her studio space, setting it up as a screen-printing studio and site of experimentation. In 2010 Ciara set up the Poster Club, an ongoing collaborative project between seven artists in Glasgow who exhibit together.  Phillips practice is centred around collaboration, learning and experimentation.

An in conversation that took place between Ciara and Mary Doyle, co-director Drawing Room, exploring Phillips’ working methods and her current research towards a new body of work. View video of the event here.

Phillips had solo exhibition at the Showroom, London in October 2013, of research and work for this exhibition was developed during Phillips’ 2013 Bursary Award residency at Drawing Room, London.