Top Picks

Top picks are works that have been specially selected from the exhibition and/or works that have been made by nominated artists. Drawing Biennial 2013 is curated by Drawing Room Directors, who also invite individuals to nominate artists to participate. The nominators were: Sarah Brown, Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds; Claire Gilman, Drawing Center, New York; Clare Grafik, The Photographers Gallery, London; Valeria Napoleone, art collector; Felipe Olivera, curator, Portugal; Cornelia Parker, artist; Christian Rattemeyer MOMA, New York; Julia Royse, Arts Council, London; George Shaw, artist; Charlotte Schepke, Large Glass, London; Antony Spira, MKG, Milton Keynes; Gavin Turk, artist; Julie Verhoven, artist/designer, London; Chris Fite Wassilak, writer, London; and Jonas Zakatis, Curator, Belgium

Then during the exhibition well known thinkers and creatives are also invited to select their favourites from the exhibition. Selectors for 2013 include: fashion designer Kinder Aggugini, artist & designer Julie Verhoeven, novelist & writer Geoff Dyer, artist Michael Craig Martin, curator Sacha Craddock, art collector Valeria Napoleone, curator Hammer Museum, LA, Allegra Pesenti, Director of Contemporary Art Society Paul Hobson and BBC Arts Editor Will Gompertz.