Title Author First Name Author Last Name Publisher/Gallery Place of Publication Date of Publication

“It means it means!” : a drawn exhibition by Charles Avery & Tom Morton

[Galerie Perrotin] [Paris] [2013]

(In search of) the perfect lover

Michaela Unterdorfer Hatje Cantz Ostfildern-Ruit c2003

12 salones regionales de artistas

Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia Bogotá 2007

13 salones regionales de artistas Colombia

Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia Bogotá 2010

14 salones regionales de artistas / centro : la cooperativa

Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia Bogotá 2012

1990-2003 : prototypes : oeuvres et expositions du Fonds regional d’art contemporain de Picardie

Yves Lecointre Fonds Regional d'Art Contemporain de Picardie Amiens c2004

20 dibujos de = 20 drawings by José Antonio Suárez Londoño 2013

Jose Antonio Suarez Londono [s.n.] [s.l.] 2013

24/7 : late capitalism and the ends of sleep

Jonathan Crary Verso London 2014

37 salón nacional de artistas

Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia Bogotá 1998

39 salón nacional de artistas / 10 salones regionales de artistas : catálogo general

Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia Bogotá 2004

3rd place : a childrens colouring book by Richard Prince

Koening Books London c2008

40 salón nacional de artistas / 11 salones regionales de artistas

Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia Bogotá 2006

41 salón nacional de artistas : ¡urgente! = urgent! Cali

Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia Bogotá 2010

42 salón nacional de artistas / independiemente

Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia Bogotá 2010

43 salón (inter) nacional de artistas : guía a lo desconocido (vol. 1)

Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia Bogotá 2013

43 salón (inter) nacional de artistas : libro de creencias (vol. 2)

Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia Bogotá 2013

51 ways of looking

Shazia Sikander Sikkema Jenkins & Co. New York 2005

560 broadway : a New York drawing collection at work, 1991 - 2006

Amy Eshoo [Yale University Press] [New Haven] c2008

64°27’11.8"N 74°18’47.1"E

Kai Nodland Studio Operative [London] 2014

741.942.JEN [Benjamin Jenner]

Benjamin Jenner [Benjamin Jenner] [s.l.] [s.d.]

;06 : international centre for fine art research

Chris Wainwright [International Centre for Fine Art Research] [London] [2006]

A boat used as a vessel : Lucy Skaer

Adam Szymczyk Kunsthalle Basel Basel c2009

A century of modern drawing from The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Bernice Rose British Museum Publications London c1982

A ciel ouvert : le nouveau pleinairisme

Kitty Scott Musee National Des Beaux-Arts Du Quebec Quebec 2010

A collection of walking drawings [Foster Spragge]

Foster Spragge [Westminster Reference Library?] [London] [2012?]

A dream play : in a new version by Caryl Churchill

August Strindberg Nick Hern Books London 2005

A history of irritated material

Lars Bang Larsen Raven Row London c2010

A kind of bliss

Helen Legg The Drawing Room London c2004

A luz da sombra : Lourdes Castro & Manuel Zimbro

Guy Brett Fundacao De Serralves Portugal 2010

A manual for the 21st century art institution

Shamita Sharmacharja Whitechapel Art Gallery London 2009

A moving plan b : chapter one

Thomas Scheibitz Drawing Room London c2010

A people on the cover : Glenn Ligon

Doro Globus Ridinghouse London 2015

A project by Bart Lodewijks in London

Sophia Victorino Whitechapel Gallery London 2014

A Project by Sara MacKillop : 50 envelope windows

Sara MacKillop Broken Glass Books London 2008

A random dispersal of dust (mutely understood) : Sean Kaye & Jenny West

Wild Pansy Press Leeds c2009

A short history of decay

E.M. Cioran Penguin Classics London 2010

A supercollider notebook : Keith Tyson

South London Gallery London c2002

A thousand plateaus : capitalism and schizophrenia

Gilles Deleuze The Athlone Press [London?] 1988

A treasury of modern drawing : the Joan and Lester Avnet collection in The Museum of Modern Art

William S. Lieberman The Museum of Modern Art New York c1978

A vivid imagination : selections from the permanent collection

[Limerick City Gallery of Art] [Limerick] [2012]

A William Shakespeare [José Antonio Suárez Londoño]

Jose Antonio Suarez Londono Galería la Oficina Medellín 1999

A world history of art [5th edition]

Hugh Honour Laurence King Publishing London 1999

A. van Campenhout

A123456 : John Wood and Paul Harrison

Ikon Birmingham


Nothingmoments 2005

Abstract drawing

Richard Deacon Drawing Room; Ridinghouse London 2014

Abstraction and empathy : a contribution to the psychology of style

Wilhelm Worringer Elephant paperbacks Chicago 1997

Acid rain science and politics in Japan

Kenneth E. Wilkening MIT Press Cambridge M.A.; London c2004

Acquisitions, gifts & bequests

Contemporary Art Society

Adam Dant : bibliopolis

Adam Dant Edizioni Periferia Luzern c2014

Adam Dant: Dant on Drink

Adam Dant The New Art Gallery Walsall Walsall 2010

Adriana Aranha : desvio, o fim das coisas = deviation, the end of things

Adriana Aranha Galeria Archidy Picado Brazil 2010

Adriana Molder : winter was hard

Gérard A. Goodrow Beck & Eggeling Kunstverlag Düsseldorf 2011

Aesthetics and politics

Theodor Adorno Verso London, New York 2007

Again for Tomorrow

Teresa Gleadowe Royal College of Art London 2006

Aigner Korbinian : Apfel und Birnen : das Gesamtwerk = apple and pear : the complete works

Aigner Korbinier MSB Matthes & Seitz Berlin Berlin c2013

AIR : Aomori Contemporary Art Centre artists-in-residence program : 2003 / Spring

Goji Hamada Aomori Contemporary Art Centre AIR Program Committee Bureau Aomori 2003

Air guitar : essays on art and democracy

Dave Hickey Art Issues. Press Los Angeles c1997

AK Dolven

Anne Katrine Dolven Salon Verlag Cologne 1996

AK Dolven

Anne Katrine Dolven Kunsthalle Bern Bern 2001

AK Dolven : 91

Anne Katrine Dolven Nordic Arts Centre Helsinki 1991

AK Dolven : four places for shining stones : Lodz Derry Berlin Oslo

Anne Katrine Dolven Orchard Gallery Derry 1999

AK Dolven : it could happen to you

Anne Katrine Dolven Arts Concil of England London 2001

AK Dolven : moving mountain

Anne Katrine Dolven Man Ray Trust Paris 2004

Al Taylor

Haunch of Venison London c2006

Alain Huck

Alain Huck JRP, ringier Zurich 2006

Alan Davie : work in the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Patrick Elliott Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh 2000

Alan Johnston : Inverleith house, Haus Wittgenstein

Paul Nesbitt The Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh Edinburgh 1995

Albert Oehlen : drawings

Danilo Eccher Gagosian Gallery Rome c2012

Aleana Egan : we sat down where we had sat before

Aleana Egan Kunsthalle Basel Basel 2008

Alec Finlay : wind blown clouds

Alec Finlay Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. New York

Alechinsky : dessins de cinq decennies

Agnes Angliviel de la Beaumelle Editions du Centre Pompidou Paris c2004

Aleksandra Mir : 105 selected details from the Sharpie drawings 200-2006

Aleksandra Mir Onestar Press Paris c2006

Aleksandra Mir : newsroom 1986-2000

Aleksandra Mir Mary Boone Gallery New York [2007]

Aleksandra Mir : the church of Sharpie

Aleksandra Mir Galaria Joan Prats Barcelona [2005]

Aleksandra Mir : the how not to cookbook : lessons learned the hard way

Aleksandra Mir Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. New York 2010

Alex Flemming : colagens & desenhos

Vitor Mizael [Quadrum Galeria?] [Belo Horizonte, Brazil?] [2011?]

Alex Hubbard

Corrina Peipon Hammer Museum Los Angeles 2012

Alex Katz : first sight : working drawings

Jean-Christophe Ammann Peter Blum Edition New York c2004

Alex Katz : [beneath the surface]

Grainne Sweeney mima: Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art; Middlesbrough Council Middlesbrough 2013

Alex Morrison : every house I’ve ever lived in drawn from memory : mnemonic construction in progress

Alex Morrison [Eyelevel Gallery?] [Halifax, Canada?] [1999]

Alex Pollard

Neil Mulholland Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh 2007

Alexander Adams : works on paper 2004-06

Alexander Adams Chester 2004

Alexander Gorlizki : vanishing point

Nick Eagleton Kudlek van der Grinten Galerie Germany c2009

Alexander Roob : CS - V : bildroman

Alexander Roob Ritter Klagenfurt c1995

Alexander Roob : CS : bildroman I - III

Alexander Roob Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern c1991

Alexander Roob : CS : reports

Alexander Roob Graef Verlad Nürnberg 2004

Alexander Roob : CS bildroman IV : der punkt rho

Alexander Roob Kunsthalle Nurnberg Nuremburg c1992

Alexander Roob : CS-VI

Werner Meyer Karl Ernst Osthaus-Museum Hagen 1998

Alexander Roob : CS-VII

Konrad Oberhuber Ritter Klangenfurt 1999

Alexander Roob : post

Anja Eichler Museumsstiftung Post und Telekommunikation Frankfurt c2002

Algunos animales = some animals : José Antonio Suárez Londoño

Jose Antonio Suarez Londono SML Ediciones Medellín 2010

Ali Kazim

Kavita Singh Green Cardamom New Delhi c2008

Alice Dittmar : Alice-D in wonderland

Alice Dittmar 2010

Alice Neel : drawings and watercolours 1927 - 1978

Louise Sorensen David Zwirner Books New York c2015

Alighiero Boetti : game plan

Lynne Cooke Tate London 2012

Alighiero E Boetti

Gagosian Gallery New York c2001

Alina Szapocznikow

Jola Gola Kerber Verlag Bielefeld c2011

Alina Szapocznikow : du dessin a la sculpture = from drawing into sculpture

Jonas Storsve Editions Dilecta Paris c2013

Alina Szapocznikow : sculpture undone 1955-1972

Elena Filipovic Museum of Modern Art, New York; Mercatorfonds New York; Brussels c2011