Drawing on Space

The Drawing on Space book presents the work of thirteen artists of different generations from around the world, all of who use drawing to articulate spatial concepts, ranging from the physically constructed space we inhabit to the psychological dimensions of an inner world. Artists included in the book are: Russell Crotty (USA), Katja Davar (UK), Graham Gussin (UK), Alan Johnston (UK), Takehito Koganezawa (Japan), Julie Mehretu (Ethiopia / USA), Nasreen Mohamedi (India), Max Neuhaus (USA), Paul Noble (UK), Silke Schatz (Germany), Tomoko Takahashi (Japan / UK), Bjarni Thórarinsson (Iceland) and Oliver Zwink (Germany). Archival work by artists associated with Fluxus and the Situationist International provide an historical context.

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