DE. FI. CIEN. CY - Andrzej Wróblewski, René Daniels, Luc Tuyman

United in DE.FI.CIEN.CY are three artists from different generations and national backgrounds. Andrzej Wróblewski, perhaps Poland’s preeminent postwar painter, died in 1957 at the age of thirty, and ill health forced René Daniels (b. Eindhoven, 1950) to end his career in 1987, whereas Luc Tuymans (b. Mortsel near Antwerp, 1958) continues to make art.  The shared feature of their oeuvres is a certain inadequacy implicit in the necessity of depiction, which all three artists place at the centre of their work. For Wróblewski, the figure of the “impotent witness” stands for a painting born of the survivor’s guilt: he watched Nazi atrocities but was powerless to stop them. Tuymans coined the term “authentic forgery” for his art in order to lend expression to the impossibility of a straightforward painterly approach to the twentieth century’s moments of utter terror. And for Daniels, the image of the “amused muse” embodies the work of art succumbing to the commodity form.

The colour illustrations are accompanied by observations derived from Ulrich Loock’s conversations with Joanna Kordjak, Dominic van den Boogerd, and Luc Tuymans. Tuymans also discusses the selection in an interview with Anda Rottenberg. Ulrich Loock has contributed an extensive discussion of the three artists’ oeuvres. The publication features documentation of the exhibition DE. FI. CIEN. CY: Andrzej Wróblewski, René Daniels, Luc Tuymans at Drawing Room, 21 May - 11 July 2015. 

DE. FI. CIEN. CY was produced by Art Stations Foundation by Grazyna Kulczyk, Stary Browar, Poznan.

216 pp
135 colour images
26 x 19.5 cm
Published by Distanz