Our ROCK PAPER SCISSORS programme puts children at its centre and explores with them, their teachers, schools and families, what drawing can be. We are excited to announce its ambitious next phase after a highly successful pilot period; over the next three years, it will be the basis for our increased engagement activities, allowing us to connect with our communities on a greater level than ever before. 

Through a holistic range of after-school clubs, postal projects, in-school collaborations, teachers’ assemblies, family studio sessions and holiday projects, ROCK PAPER SCISSORS will continue to encourage creative risk, experimentation and child-led learning through drawing. The programme will culminate in a symposium and a run of publications that will be distributed to all London primary schools as a form of educational activism, seeking to invigorate drawing practice in Key Stage 1 & 2 and making positive changes to thousands of children across the city.  

We want to offer our congratulations to the dynamic line up of artists we have commissioned to deliver the first year of projects: Halima Akhtar, Rita Evans, Amy Leung, Meera Shakti Osborne and Joy Yamusangie. 

Through this programme, we work over the long-term with children from our diverse neighbourhood, to generate life-changing outcomes. We continue to offer free participation in the project thanks to the generous support of Freelands Foundation, which was set up in 2015 to give an increased number of people the chance to engage with and enjoy the arts in the UK, with a particular focus on education. Their ambition is to give everyone access to a creative and cultural education in the belief that it raises their aspirations and transforms their opportunities in life.