Katharine Stout Curatorial Lecture

In this lecture, Drawing Room co-director Katharine Stout explores current trends in drawing, expanding upon her Drawing Biennial 2015 essay, Drawing as a flexible tool in a post-digital age. Katharine Stout is Associate Director, Drawing Room, and Head of Programmes, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London. She is the author of Contemporary Drawing: 1960s to Now (published by Tate, 2013).

Stout explores the place of drawing within contemporary practice and how it came to be redefined during the 1960s, providing a pivotal means for artists to rethink the way art was made and presented, and how it related to the world around it. Since that time drawing has come to the fore as a primary rather than support medium, and remains a flexible and immediate tool for those who wish to experiment with new ideas, forms of representation, and techniques. Using works in the Biennial to illustrate just how diverse and vibrant drawing is today, Stout highlights different themes that have emerged this year.