The Student as Medium


The Student as Medium is a collaborative project between Drawing Room and the Illustration Animation BA course at University of Kingston. Using the exhibition Not Without My Ghosts: The Artist As Medium as a springboard, we delivered interactive virtual workshops inviting students to consider their subconscious – bringing together experimental forms of research, drawing and animation processes to embrace the otherworldly, the spiritual, the unknown and chance encounters!

The project was co-led with Drawing Room’s Study Librarian Yamuna Ravindran and Engagement Curator Betsy Dadd, alongside artist-tutors Martin Morris, Josh Armitage and Martin Jackson. The week intensive resulted in a series of drawn moving-image works that can be viewed below.

The Student as Medium- CONSUMENTUR

The Student as Medium- RECOLLECT

The Student as Medium- PLUNGES

The Student as Medium- DEVOID OF MEMORY


In our animation we used text as kind of image. The spoken word was like a drum beat, not thinking of the connotations but treated as a sound.’ Eira (student)

We created a randomisation process to make decisions which meant we weren’t controlled to discover ideas. It became a fun way to create sound and moving image.’ Grace (student)

'For me this project was about conscious and subconscious processes. I saw moths, bodies and bones. An unintentional narrative shone through when we were making and receiving the film.’ Caleb (student)