This three-part project bought together students from RCA and Kingston School of Art to undergo a journey of visual research, drawing, animation and sound collage in connection to Marc Bauer’s exhibition, Mal Ȇtre / Performance. Co-devised by Betsy Dadd and Yamuna Ravindran, the project uncovered the ways in which expanded forms of research can underpin experimental moving-image and non-linear narratives.

After digesting Marc Bauer’s show, the project began in Drawing Room’s Study Library as a site for image gathering and free association. The library research then fed into practical workshops delivered at each university, culminating in an evening of student’s ‘moving drawings’ screened within Marc Bauer’s exhibition at Drawing Room.


The time spent in the Drawing Room library was such an amazing and exciting way of collating research. It was interesting to see little narratives form in the most unexpected ways. - Freya Croissant (student)

This project has expanded my perception of the possibilities of animation, particularly the method of taking the audience on a journey through the image using the camera as a ‘driving force’ in the narrative. - Eleanor Blake (Student)

The project laid the foundations for students to not fixate on a final idea but to consider their outcomes as the result of a continual investigation, a working process. Research became a form of active learning, a form of play that was closer to their experience of drawing. They began to conceive of their work fitting into different areas of practice such as theatre visuals, experimental film, narrative adaptation, gallery setting and post graduate study. - Martin Morris (Tutor, Kingston School of Art)

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