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Waste Material – Curated by David Musgrave


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This catalogue accompanies an exhibition curated for Drawing Room by David Musgrave, one of the leading figures within an emerging generation of British artists. It presents new work by Musgrave and that of his contemporaries – William Daniels (UK), Hannah Greely (US), Rupert Norfolk (UK) and Clare Stephenson (UK) – in juxtaposition with a 19th Century lithograph by Georg Scharf and a drawing of c.1940 by Yves Tanguy.

'Waste Material' is about time, matter and the imaginary. Hannah Greely's 'Assembly', a papier-mache stepladder which is home to numerous handmade insects, implies a future world from which human beings have been erased. At the opposite end of the time-line is Georg Scharf's 'Duria antiquior' (A more ancient Dorset), a print made after a drawing by the geologist Henry De la Beche based on fossil evidence of prehistoric life, which offers a complementary impossible perspective.

24 pages with 11 full colour illustrations and a 3,000 word essay by David Musgrave.

Designed by Marit Münzberg.

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