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The Urpflanze: The Primal Plant: Plants of The Future Limited Edition


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This artist’s newspaper is composed of articles, texts and images that have grown from a dialogue between the artist Melanie Jackson and the writer Esther Leslie. It takes Goethe's notion of the Urpflanze as a starting point: an idea of plant form that had all future plants coiled up inside it. The Ur-form or Ur-phenomenon, is an effort to think through the relations between polar opposites, form and metamorphosis, nature and history, simultaneity and succession. The Urpflanze projects forward from its origins whole worlds that are yet to come.

The publication is supplied in a limited edition of 100 in a screenprinted archival box also containing a unique offset litho 'make ready'  print version signed by the artist.

297 x 420 x 15mm, 2 x 24 pages

ISBN 978-0-907623-68-7

Available through Drawing Room.

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