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Small Gift Pack | Soul of Fire Artists’ Charcoal



Brought together through a shared love of charcoal, and taking their name from what Chinese burners historically called the process, Soul of Fire Artists’ Charcoal is the product of conversations between artist Jade de Montserrat and charcoal producers Jo Edwards and Paul Cookson. Soul of Fire was created to make this wonderful, sustainable art material more readily accessible – to artists and to students, no matter what their age or ability.

The small gift pack includes the small charcoal box, along with an A5 hardback sketch book with cream paper from Collins & Davison.

Great for an introduction to charcoal and as gifts.

Charcoal comes in a box 38x38x110mm and weighs approx. 25g.

​All packaging comes from sustainable UK sources and is recyclable. Boxes are made by Little Letterpress, based in Kent.

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