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Everything we do is music – Exhibition Catalogue


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Sarnath Banerjee, Claudio Caldini, Francesco Clemente, Sabah Husain, Prabhavathi Meppayil, Nasreen Mohamedi, Tania Mouraud, Lee Mullican, Michael Müller, Hetain Patel, Lala Rukh, Vidya Sagar, Mohan Samant, Shahzia Sikander, Dayanita Singh, Marian Zazeela.

Everything we do is music explores Indian classical music as a source of inspiration for a diverse group of modern and contemporary artists. This catalogue reflects upon the ways in which something as distinct as Indian classical music is connected with the visual arts. It brings together a host of approaches, from the figurative and graphic to the abstract and performative. Drawing and the act of mark making emerges as a guiding principle within the diverse artistic approaches  to prompt reflections on how an oral tradition like Indian classical music has come to be experienced and represented; to wonder at how artists react and respond to sound to create images.

Everything we do is music is curated by Shanay Jhaveri, Assistant Curator, South Asia, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Edited by Shanay Jhaveri and Kate Macfarlane. Essays by Saira Ansari, an independent researcher and writer living in Dubai, UAE,  Shanay Jhaveri and  Alexander Keefe, a writer living in Los Angeles, California.

We are grateful to the R and S Nanavati Charitable Trust No. 2, for their generous support of the catalogue.

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