Highlights from Drawing Biennial 2013


An exhibition and auction of over 200 specially made drawings by an international line-up of artists      


The Drawing Room’s sixth Drawing Biennial features 226 drawings by 219 established and emerging artists. Drawing Room directors invite artists to make and donate an original drawing in any medium on an A4 sheet of paper. Arranged alphabetically, the exhibition takes the viewer on a journey, in which they will inevitably find a drawing that speaks to them: it might be Fiona Banner’s Snoopy Baron Drawing, 2012 Turner prize winner George Shaw’s You Take my Place in the Showdown, an exquisite portrait of Reggie Perrin, the bejewelled Raqib Shaw’s Samson and Delilah or Rose Wylie’s A is for Armadillo.

The number of contributions from an array of international artists demonstrates the crucial role that drawing plays in contemporary art and makes Drawing Biennial 2013 the essential destination for collectors, artists, critics and curators who wish to see the latest developments in contemporary drawing practice and pick up a unique work of art that represents outstanding value for money.

The works are being presented in an exhibition at Drawing Room and on an online auction site for four weeks, culminating in the auction finale on 15 May 2013.  From a starting price of £250, the format of the auction means anyone can bid (either on line, on the phone or in person) for an original work of art, whether as a first ever purchase, or an acquisition for a major collection.

A huge range of artists have generously given and some of the highlights this year include:

2013 Turner Prize winner Elizabeth Price’s drawing Help.

Michael Landy’s Poverty, Chastity and Obedience depicting St Francis of Assisi, as part of his new body of work exploring the saints and their attributes whilst in residence at the National Gallery.

Antony Gormley’s Surf pigment drawing.

Mark Wallinger’s unique Labyrinth drawing that continues the theme of his current Art on the Underground public art commission

Geoffrey Farmer  from Canada, offers a collage that relates to his major installation The Surgeon and the Photographer currently on view at the Barbican 

Bob & Roberta Smith, better known for his political placards and posters, presents a drawing Save Old Flo, illustrating the recent threatened sale of Henry Moore’s sculpture in the east end of London

Paul Noble’s Plinth and Sculpture, offers a rare opportunity to purchase a quintessential drawing relating to his Nobson Newtown series

Of particular interest in 2013 is the opportunity to see (and buy) works on paper by contemporary creatives who are not known for their drawings such as architect David Chipperfield (nominated by Peter St John, Caruso St John), who has contributed a spontaneous working drawing from his design for Fayland House, Buckinghamshire, and Jedi Chef from St John’s chef Fergus Henderson.  Also established artists who mainly work in other media or rarely make available their drawing, includes Ed Atkins, who works primarily with high definition video and writing, Haroon Mirza, light and sound installation, Tai Shani, performance. This is a unique chance to own works by artists who usually express their creativity in other mediums and disciplines.  Other approaches to drawing include: Damien Roach’s sculptural drawing MMM, a meticulously drawn crumbled cheeseburger wrapper or Simon Faithful offers a digital drawing of Whatever I’m looking at, when the successful bidder calls him.

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