Heather Phillipson wins the Fourth Plinth commission for 2020


The team at Drawing Room are delighted to announce that Heather Phillipson, who launches our second Annotations commission in the Outset Study at Drawing Room, wins the Fourth Plinth commission for 2020.

Heather Phillipson's Fourth Plinth commission THE END is a whirl of cream topped with a cherry and parasites.  A cherry on the top, an enormous fly alighted on the side and a whirling, illuminated drone will send out simultaneous video pictures of Trafalgar Square, which visitors can pick up on their mobile phones. The work explores the extremes of shared experience, from commemorations and celebrations to mass protests, all while being observed by a drone’s camera. Heather Phillipson describes how “Topped with a giant, unstable load of replica whipped cream, a cherry, a fly and a functioning drone, the plinth becomes a monument to hubris and impending collapse.” The Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square was built in 1841 and was intended to hold a statue of William IV but remained empty. Over 150 years later, the Fourth Plinth now hosts a series of commissioned artworks by world class artists.  

Heather Phillipson was commissioned by Drawing Room directors with Veronique Parke and Candida Gertler from Outset Contemporary Art Fund, to create new work for the second Annotationscommission. ENDING ALL PARTIES / EXCEPT THE PARTY / WHERE U MEET YOUR OWN BRAIN occupies the wall space with digital collage, drawing and text. Phillipson summons and answers back to current crises – relaying and augmenting feelings and gestures of chronic unease, protest and dissent. 

Heather Phillipson's Annotations commission will be at Drawing Room from 24 March until 18 August 2017. Drawing Room is open late on Friday 31 March until 8pm. 

Annotations Outset Study Commissions are supported by Veronique Parke and Outset Contemporary Art Fund.