One Second Sculpture,1969

Tom MarioniOne Second Sculpture,1969black and white photograph



In today’s expanded field of contemporary art, drawing retains an association with two intrinsic characteristics – line and movement.

In this group exhibition, each work is distinguished by the implementation of line as a physical entity, which is freed from any obligations to represent the outside world.  Indeed, drawing could be regarded as much an intellectual proposition as it is a descriptive exercise, and in Line we find each artist employing line to articulate an idea or a concept. Avoiding a fixed substrate such as paper, lines are applied directly to the gallery walls, onto the floor; they extend into three dimensions, and into the atmosphere, via sound. The lines we see are often the residue of an action, or the trigger for unfolding events, and their transitory constitution apes the erasable line of pencil, and the inevitable residue it leaves in its wake.

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