Ahead of the cage of language

Mon 9 October 2017 : 10:30am – 4:30pm

Artist Emma Talbot leads a drawing workshop responding to Nicola Tyson’s exhibition Beyond the Trace and Talbot’s own practice.

“When I begin to draw, I have no idea what’s going to appear. I work swiftly, to stay just ahead of the cage of language, the linear mind and rational decision-making. I just let the forms grow themselves, self-organize…” 
Nicola Tyson

This workshop will concentrate on the power of drawing to capture how it feels to be in a body, rather than outer views of the body. Relying on memory, imagination and touch, participants will be asked to think about representations of themselves, focusing on individual body parts as well as interpretations of what they think their bodies are like.

Working with paper, pencil and ink, there will be opportunities to develop mark making and explore the descriptive possibilities of drawing.

Materials and refreshments provided with celebratory drinks at the end of the day.


View large image Invisible Fingers, 2016

Emma Talbot, Invisible Fingers, 2016 Gouache on paper, 24 x 30 cm