Valeria Napoleone Collection Visit

V1.jpgValeria Napoleone image courtesy of Christie's



Drawing Room is pleased to offer Drawing Circle members the opportunity to attend a private collection visit at the home of Valeria Napoleone in West London.

Valeria Napoleone has spent the better part of two decades pursuing a singular passion: supporting the work of female contemporary artists. Her aim is to address the gender imbalances that pervade the art world. Coinciding with Drawing Room’s female-only group exhibition, From the Inside Out, the evening visit to Valeria Napoleone’s private collection will give patrons the opportunity to view works on paper, alongside other artworks from the collection.

Valeria has long championed the causes of Ghada Amer, Andrea Büttner, Nicole Eisenman, Anthea Hamilton, and Lisa Yuskavage, to name just a few. Works on paper from the collection include pieces by Magdalena Suarez Frimkess, Jennifer Bornstein, Aleksandra Mir, Tomma Abts and Andrea Bowers among others.

The event is part of Drawing Room's exclusive events programme. If you wish to become a member and access our private events please contact Vishal Sumarria or visit our Join page.

Valeria Napoleone is a trustee of the Contemporary Art Society and head of the Development Committee at Studio Voltaire, the Institute of Fine Arts in NYC, a member of the NYU President’s Global Council and is an advisory board member of the Association of Women in the Arts.