Unpicking Drawing In Social Space

DISS Drawing In Social Space


2-4pm, Community Studio

Unpicking Drawing in Social Space: lines and layers of encounters, connections and stories, 2-4pm, Sat 9th Dec

Join Drawing in Social Space collaborators to discuss and unpick three projects developed with Camberwell College of Arts Fine Art students and academics, Drawing Room’s curators and local community partners, artists and collectives from outside of the UK.

We will explore the potential of drawing to weave a web of encounters, creating conditions for dialogue, exchange, translation and connections, and reflect on how a higher education institution, a contemporary art gallery, students, artists, community organisations and schools worked together. How did the partnership develop, what were the stakes, what were the successes and complexities?


 2 – 2:40pm Overview of the partnership, projects and reflections with co-curators Misty Ingham and Renee Odjidja

  • Drawing games: the role of play
  • Building a collective: creating conditions for drawing to happen​
  • Drawing from place: tracing and layering multiple memories
  • Drawing outside: what happens when drawings move
  • Drawing as thinking: how we communicate and collaborate with artists
  • Drawing as storytelling: sharing experiences, ethics of telling others’ stories
  • Drawing together: sharing space, sharing paper
  • Drawing as placemaking
  • Unpredictable drawings

2:40 – 3:10pm Drawing Activations involving co-creation and mapping led by Camberwell Fine Art students María José Sandoval Alfonso and Molly Burrows:

The Club of Unpredictable Drawings: a workshop conceived by project artist Gluklya to explore time, movement, wellbeing and drawing to the scale of the body.

Mapping: Exploring routes, journeys and the environs through drawing, walking and conversation

Exhibition visit: spend time with the Drawing in Social Space exhibition.

3:10 – 4pm Panel Discussion: A Deep Dive into Project 2 – Mutual Dependency

With project co-curators, artist Gluklya, members of Parents and Communities Together (PACT) and Camberwell Fine Art students Severina Dico-Young and Simrandeep Chana.