Turning worlds

Evil_Genius_cover_001.jpgCover:"The Adventure, The Ecstasy, The Evil Genius" by Olivia Plender



This plan chest display of artists’ books, zines and comics is drawn from our special collection of Artists' Books. 

Turning Worlds looks at contemporary independent and artists’ self-publishing practices. Focusing on works that particularly utilise drawing, it surveys the exploration of the book as a visual medium and as an artwork.

The display begins with two detailed, hand-drawn and photocopied comics by Olivia Plender.  The Adventure, The Ecstasy, The Evil Genius, The Agony, The Suspense…: The Masterpiece Part 4 – A Weekend In The Country [2005] features a striking, shadowy cover composed of vignettes from the story within, which is told in series of 24 ink drawings on paper.  Plender’s work focuses on various specific historical moments and spans a range of media; however drawing and research are central to her practice.  This highly stylised dark graphic novel set in 1950/60s London references comics, films, posters and familiar horror storylines from this era.  The narrative follows the peculiar adventures of Nick, a clichéd and troubled painter, while the format and theme addresses and juxtaposes ideas around mass production, originality and artistic genius.