Eclectic Projects

The Student as Medium

Over a series of virtual workshops, students were invited to explore their subconscious through experimental forms of research, drawing and animation processes to embrace the otherworldly, the spiritual and chance encounters! They produced a series of one-minute films using automatic drawing processes and chance as part of their methodologies – using dice or flipping coins as decision making tools. The films below we screened online.

Thanks to all involved:

Year 2 Illustration Animation BA Students

Betsy Dadd, Engagement Curator, Drawing Room

Josh Armitage, Tutor, University of Kingston

Martin Jackson, Tutor, University of Kingston

Martin Morris, Senior Tutor, University of Kingston

Yamuna Ravindran, Study Librarian, Drawing Room

The Student as Medium- RECOLLECT

The Student as Medium- PLUNGES

The Student as Medium- DEVOID OF MEMORY