The Island: A New Chapter




Yu-Chen Wang’s new performative work marks the culmination of her Annotations residency in Outset Study. Performed by actress Akiya Henry, this work involves interaction with selected books in Outset Study and a reading from Wang’s new writing.

Wang’s performance is informed by her fascination with the solitary activity of picking up a book, which brings this physical object, the contents of which are rooted in the past, into the present. Similarly, her individual processes, both drawing and writing, share this quality of shifting perception of time – the paper enlivened by the viewer’s engagement.   Her new sci-fi writing, co-authored with Ming-Jiun Tsai, references the ‘Pacific trash vortex’, a mass of marine debris in the central North Pacific Ocean.  A flip-flop is the central character of the novel which muses on the “Kuroshio Current”, a north-flowing ocean current on the west side of the North Pacific Ocean that is a potential source of renewable energy, if it can be effectively harvested.

Yu-Chen Wang’s final drawing installation and her short film The Island, 2016 will be available to view in Outset Study as part of the event.

Akiya Henry (actress). Recent theatre includes: The Little Match Girl for the Sam Wannamaker Playhouse, Twelfth Night for Shakespeare’s Globe, An Oak Tree for Bristol Old Vic. Films include: Macbeth, Rabbit Fever and The Best Man. Alison Holder (Casting Director) is an independent Producer and Casting Director currently at the Bush Theatre as Producer for the inaugural Project 2036.  She has worked with the National Theatre and Tate Modern.

Annotations is supported by Veronique Parke and Outset Contemporary Art Fund

FREE but limited capacity, booking below is essential