Sculpting the Line

Aleana EganOpinion, 2010, detailAt intervals, while turning, installation view at Drawing Room, 2012



A special Making Group collaboration with the London Sculpture Workshop

In this hands-on workshop, participants will use wax sculpting to explore themes of the fantastical and grotesque inspired by Daniel Guzmán’s exhibition Chromosome Damage.

London Sculpture Workshop director and artist Giles Corby will tutor the session, introducing wax sculpting techniques including water and heating to explore the special properties of the medium. The session will begin at Drawing Room with a short guided introduction to the exhibition by the Curator, providing a foundation for the practical workshop that follows a few minutes walk away at LSW.


Giles Corby is a director of the London Sculpture Workshop.  He is a trained artist, having graduated from the RCA in 1996.


(Ticket prices include the costs of all materials for the session.  Materials may be messy, and participants are advised to wear practical shoes and clothing, or an overall)