Postal Project

Amy Rose Barnes


Over the Summer term 2020 of ROCK PAPER SCISSORS was adapted into a postal project, engaging children remotely throughout the pandemic. Amy Barnes devised a series of weekly parcels containing materials and prompts to explore detail, pattern and nature which were sent to children in isolation. Children sent their drawings back in stamped addressed envelopes to be scanned and made into a printed book! A copy of ‘Patterns by Post’ is now available at all the participating schools and in the children’s sections of local libraries.

Since graduating in BA Painting from Wimbledon College of Art in 2017, Amy Rose Barnes has gone on to work as gallery assistant and artist-educator, with a particular interest in art and wellbeing. In her studio she plays with abstracting nature through the use of drawing, collage, textiles and painting, inspired by commonly observed, but often overlooked, natural lines and patterns.

Thanks to all involved:

Children: Aaliya, Aashi , Abdul, Abdullah, Aisha, Alexis, Ali, Alicia, Alvis, Annie, Atum, Ava, Caleb, Chelsea, Chekayah, Christopher, Daniel, Daniyal, David, Delila, Divine, Elise, Elizabeth, Etan, Favour, Fazeli, Gbemi, Hakeem, Haleem, Hannah, Hillary, Humu, Ilyas Ingrid Isabell Isabella, Isha, Israel, Jamila, Jasmine, Joel, Joseph , Joshua, Josiah ,Josie Jude, Kai, Kai, Kaliyah, Kiera Kim, Liyana, Logan,  Lydia, Malachi, Maxwell, Matthew, Mckenzie, Megan, Michael, Muzayan, Nafis, Nahom, Nathan, Naeem, Noor, Olivia, Qasim, Rachael, Rhea, Rileigh, Rita, Salifu, Sajjad, Samuel, Sarah, Saviour, Shaila, Sheiyan, Shiloh, Siobhan, Talia, Temitayo, Theo, Tommy, Uche, Vafa, Valentina, Yasmin Yusef and Zion-Israel.

Amy Rose Barnes, Artist

Betsy Dadd, Learning Curator, Drawing Room

Adrien Haak, Assistant, Drawing Room

Ben Waggett, Assistant, Drawing Room

Matthew Velada-Billson, Headteacher, St Johns C of E Primary School

Vanessa Mincher, Pastoral Manager, St Johns C of E Primary School

Laura Nichols, Art Coordinator, Charlotte Sharman Primary School

James Hartley, Year 5 Teacher, Charlotte Sharman Primary School