Event, Library

Nick Goss: silkscreens and sounds & book launch for ‘Smickel Inn’


Library, 6-8pm

Thursday 30th November, 6pm – 8pm

This final chance to see inside Nick Goss’ large book Collections: 2017-2022, is combined with the playing of sounds and music from the album Pool, a collaboration between the artist and multi-instrumentalist Jim Wallis, inspired by some of the prints and images in the book. The event will also launch Smickel Inn, a new publication that accompanies an exhibition of paintings from this body of work at Ingleby Gallery.

During an artist residency on the 183-metre tanker Cielo Di Gaeta, Goss began to capture field recordings of life aboard the ship.  He collected “the tapestry of sounds from the bridge at night, the differing dialects spoken by the Italian, Indian and English crew, the bleeps and whistles of the navigation machinery and the ever-present sound of the ocean.”  When he returned to London, Goss approached Wallis to collaborate on the album, which builds on the foundation of the field recordings, adding layers of ambient and classical music on top.

Nick Goss’ Collections: 2017-2022 gathers together all his silkscreens from this period, including work inspired by his residency on Cielo Di Gaeta.  Initially, intended as a preparatory device for making larger paintings, Goss found the paintings began to inform the silkscreens as much as the other way around.  Images are printed using a variety of resoluble inks fabricated by the artist, which can be reactivated using a water-soaked sponge, making it possible to re-make and re-imagine the images endlessly.

The book Smickel Inn accompanies the exhibition Nick Goss: Smickel Inn, Balcony of Europe.  The paintings incorporate the silkscreens and processes contained in Collections: 2017-2022.  Goss says “I like the idea of using silkscreens in the way a musician might use samples, taking something from another time or place, altering the context to make something new, weaving it into the imagery to collapse the distance between things”.

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