Modern Nature X Planet Art: Art and Art History Workshop

Viktor TimofeevGodflower 7Courtesy the artist and Drawing Room. Photo: Andy Keate.



Join Art History in Schools at Drawing Room to look at how artists throughout history have approached the motifs, messages and materials of nature and then form your own artistic response…

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for artists. From Durer's robust etchings of rhinos with livid scales to Ai Wei Wei's millions of ceramic sunflower seeds laid out across Tate's Turbine Hall, the natural world has been vital in shaping the world's art and architecture. But what is 'Modern Nature' and why are we perpetually fascinated by plants and animals? And does our current treatment of the planet match this ideal?

Experiment with materials to create a 2-D or 3- D mixed-media artwork inspired by Drawing Room's exhibition. Get introduced to different ways of working, from representational to more abstract and then, taking Victor Timofeev’s theme of Future Fictions and imagined landscapes, make your own art work that is a response to our environmental crisis.

Free for all year 12 students and those interested in art and art history.

Please contact [email protected] to book your place.