Mitchel Ceney

Mitchel Ceney worked with Year 6 children from Charlotte Sharman Primary over their final term of at the school.  Marking an important transition into the next chapter of their lives, they reflected on their past few years to create drawings and messages to their past and future selves, to leave a mark on each other and the school site!

As well as inventive drawing activities, Mitchel embraced a playful game-like approach to his sessions. Children sent drawings and notes via carrier pigeons, paper aeroplanes and performed role play with hand drawn props. Mitchel explained, ‘We used automatic and narrative drawing inspired by comic and street art, and incorporated text into images.’

Mitchel made ‘leavers t-shirts’ by hand-printing their drawings onto t-shirts, which the children hand drew and wrote onto with fabric pens to personalise the designs. They also worked together on a series of largescale murals. The six-panel artwork was made to revamp the wooden basketball structures in the playground, as a way of leaving an imprint on the school site as they departed.

Mitchel Ceney  works in pencil, ink and spraypaint, primarily drawing or painting on location. He is currently studying Illustration for Communication (BA) at Ravensbourne University in South East London. His drawings have recently been printed in magazines such as Pavement, the Big Issue and also featured in a graphic novel in 2020.  His first exposure to art was when he saw graffiti around the Midlands in the 90s as well as film posters, album covers and music flyers being an inspiration dating back to when his mum’s record collection. He believes that being an artist is something that everyone should be able to do.


Thank you to all involved:

Children of Year 6, Charlotte Sharman Primary School

Alex Kossykh, Teacher, Charlotte Sharman Primary School

Andrew May, Headteacher, Charlotte Sharman

Betsy Dadd, Learning Curator, Drawing Room

Cora Sehgal Cuthbert, Workshop Assistant, Drawing Room

Esme Wedderburn, Workshop Assistant, Drawing Room

Genevieve Miller, Learning Coordinator, Drawing Room

Lynn Newlyn, Teachers Assistant, Charlotte Sharman Primary School

Mitchel Ceney, Artist