MEMBERS – Hokusai Curator’s Tour

Katsushika HokusaiVirudhaka (Ruriō) killed by lightning (The Great Picture Book of Everything)Courtesy The British Museum 1820s–40s



Drawing Room is pleased to offer our Members the opportunity to attend a tour of ’Hokusai: The Great Picture Book of Everything’ at the British Museum by curator Alfred Haft, taking place at 9am on Thursday 9th December 2021.

Drawing Room invites its members to a special morning tour visit at the British Museum, led by the exhibition curator Alex Haft to discover the collection of rare drawings by Katsushika Hokusai – one of Japan's most celebrated artists, best known for his iconic print, Under the Wave off Kanagawa, known as The Great Wave. The exhibition displays 103 recently acquired drawings by Hokusai, produced in the 1820s–1840s for an illustrated encyclopedia called The Great Picture Book of Everything.

Please RSVP by Friday the 3rd of December to [email protected] to book your place! This event is free to all Exhibition Circle, Drawing Circle & Drawing Club Members. The fee to book as a Network Member is £30.

The private tour is part of Drawing Room's exclusive Members events programme. If you wish to become a member and access our private events please contact [email protected] or visit our Join page.