Lucie MacGregor

Lucie MacGregor’s projects on ROCK PAPER SCISSORS have investigated the afterlife of drawings. Together with children, teachers and families she has explored how scraps can be repurposed and transformed.

Over the Spring Term 2022, Lucie MacGregor worked with Year 2 Planet Earth Class on a ROCK PAPER SCISSORS in-school project at Grange Primary School. Children made drawings, masks, doodles and notes to express their emotions. These were then used as ingredients to make hand-made forms out of ripped up and pulped drawings! The abundance of drawings and papier mâché shapes were collated into a series of experimental books, which became the surface for further writing and drawing. Lucie handed out double-sided posters at the end of the project, which invited children to pin up at home and continue drawing onto the printed images.

The Expanded Scrapbook was part of the ROCK PAPER SCISSORS Teachers’ Assembly series co-delivered with Lucie MacGregor and teachers Rosemary Hall and Olivia Abrahams. School staff experimented with folding, stapling, tearing and tying as methods to bind paper, considering how ad-hoc book-making could be used in the classroom as a playful tool for learning.

Lucie MacGregor’s Family Studio prompted children and parents to shred drawings into a cement mixer and make forms out of the papier mâché. An off-site Family Studio was co-delivered with Assemble Play at Mudchute Farm on bonfire night. Families used home-made charcoal as drawing tools, drew with flames and sent drawings up in smoke!

Lucie MacGregor is a multi-disciplinary artist from West Yorkshire based in London. Recently commissioned by Deptford X Festival and Volunteer South London, Lucie’s art-making spans sculpture, drawing and ceramics – in material conversation. Lucie brings together alternative ways to consider drawing, as something permeable and reforming.

Thank you to all involved:

Children of Year 2, Planet Earth Class, Grange Primary School

Akhera Williams, Workshop Assistant, Drawing Room

Betsy Dadd, Learning Curator, Drawing Room

Funke Hammond, Teacher Assistant, Grange Primary School

Genevieve Miller, Learning Coordinator, Drawing Room

Misty Ingham, Learning Curator Maternity Cover, Drawing Room

Neville Haye, Playworker, Assemble Play

Penny Wilson, Playworker, Assemble Play

Rosemary Hall, Teacher, Grange Primary School

Shanaz Ali, Workshop Assistant, Drawing Room

Solomon Williams, Workshop Assistant, Drawing Room

Varv Varv Teachers’ Assembly Graphic Design