Looking Closely with Dryden Goodwin

Dryden GoodwinA Day With My Father, A Day With My Son
2018. Pencil on paper, 1 of 41 drawings, variable dimensions.



Dryden Goodwin leads a tour of the works in Close: Drawn Portraits, revealing from an artist’s perspective the ways in which he looks at drawings.

Close: Drawn Portraits brings together historic figures such as Ingres, Picasso and Hepworth, and recent and contemporary artists including Lassnig, Hockney and Landy, revealing close encounters between artists and their subjects over the past 200 years. Remarkable drawn portraits, rarely seen, sit beside those made today, and demonstrate drawing’s enduring ability to bring characters to life. 

Goodwin will begin by discussing his new work for the exhibition, A Day with my Father, a Day with my Son, which consists of 41 drawings produced over the course of two days. Comparing this work to a recent project for which he produced portraits of strangers, Goodwin will describe the faculties and sensations involved in drawing close relatives. Guiding us around the exhibition, Goodwin will pick out drawings that he finds particularly inspirational for his own creative process, providing insight into his conceptual and material interests.

FREE. Open to all. Booking for this event is not necessary.