José Antonio Suárez Londoño




Plan Chest Display

José Antonio Suárez Londoño was born in 1955 in Medellín, Colombia, and is considered one of the most respected living artists in Colombia, particularly for his role in reviving drawing.  His early solo exhibitions during the 1970s and 80s were held in his hometown at the Galería de la Oficina, and the artist still has a strong connection with Medellín – visiting the town once a week to teach a weekly portrait class and print his etchings at a local print workshop.  

In the 90s and early 2000s Londoño began showing at galleries in Buenos Aires and Bogota as well as in Montreal, Washington and San Francisco and was included in important exhibitions such as The Modern Myth: Drawing Mythologies in Modern Times at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 2010.  His works can now be found in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Graphische Sammlung Albertina, Vienna as well as in other major institutions.

Londoño has been the subject of a recent exhibition entitled José Antonio Suárez Londoño: The Yearbooks at The Drawing Center (New York, Nov-Dec 2012).  This exhibition examined the artist’s on-going 15 year project to create a drawing based on a book or series of books that the artist reads over the course of a year.

Our plan chest display coincides with Londoño’s current exhibition at the 55th Venice Biennale, where his work deals with translating the diaries of Franz Kafka into images.   The display is drawn from a collection of small artists’ books presented by the artist to Drawing Room in March 2012.