Jessica Voorsanger Draws You

Jessica VoorsangerThe Ladies who Knit for Peace and their Favourite Artists2018. Ink and watercolour on paper, each 21 x 15 cm



Visit Drawing Room and have your portrait drawn by artist Jessica Voorsanger.

Jessica Voorsanger is included in our current exhibition Close: Drawn Portraits. She explores popular culture, in particular ‘celebrity’, through obsession, fans and media representation, using a range of media, including painting, photography, performance and film.

For Close: Drawn Portraits, Voorsanger made a work titled The Ladies who Knit for Peace and their Favourite Artists. The work includes portraits of local knitting group members, which are paired with portraits of their favourite artists. The ladies who knit for peace meet weekly in a nearby community hall and knit for those in need. Voorsanger’s portraits came about through conversations between the artist and sitters during one of these knitting sessions.

For this event Voorsanger will draw portraits in ink and watercolour, using the same technique as The Ladies who Knit for Peace and their Favourite Artists. Each session will last around 10 minutes.

Portraits cost £10 and you can take yours home on the day. You will be able to pay for your portrait at the gallery using either cash or card.

If you would like to book a specific time slot for this event, please use the ticket button below and we will contact you with a time slot. Otherwise, you are welcome to drop in at the gallery on the day and we will give you a time slot then.  

The artist will donate the proceeds from this event to Drawing Room to support our future exhibition programme.