Jake Garfield

During the Spring term 2020, Jake Garfield led a ROCK PAPER SCISSORS after school club inviting local children to visualise characters, narratives and alternative identities using drawing and experimental printing techniques. They made portraits, masks, used face paints and drew inspiration from historical and cross-cultural references. The weekly sessions echoed Jake’s ongoing practice which plays with fiction and reality.

Family Activity Sheets by Jake Garfield:




Jake Garfield’s recent previous exhibitions include The Real Thing, Mercer Chance Gallery, London (2019); Bunches, Platform Southwark, London (2018). As ‘Line of Thought,’ Jake links image-making to philosophical thinking and group discussion at the Royal Academy, Royal Drawing School, Tate, RCA, Whitechapel Gallery and Bow Arts. His own work explores worlds within worlds and the relationship between images and reality.

Thanks to all involved:

Afterschool club children: Abdullah, Ali, Hakeem, Haleem, Isabella, Jasmine, Leah, Logan, Michael, Nathan, Shaiyann, Talia and Valentina.

Jake Garfield, Artist

Staff from St Johns C of C Primary School, Victory Primary School and Crampton Primary School

Amy Rose Barnes, Workshop Assistant, Drawing Room

Betsy Dadd, Learning Curator, Drawing Room