Artist Franziska Furter in Conversation

Rift, 2011

Franziska FurterRift, 2011size variable, hyle



Franziska Furter’s practice spans both two and three-dimensional making. In a process of copying, scanning and enlarging, Furter's two-dimensional drawings develop from a wide range of references and found imagery. Works are often visualizations of the ‘invisible’, depicting movement, sound, imagined imagery and hallucinations. Shifting between organic/mineral structures and cosmic representation, the three dimensional drawings play with the duality of aggressive appearance, and extreme fragility. The works vary from very small objects on the wall, to extensive installations proliferating into the room, or large-scale ink-on-paper drawings. There is always an ambiguity about Furter’s works, as scale shifts and time expands/implodes, and the works elude the eye’s focus. Through a reductive approach to material and colour, the works often juxtapose material density with visual subtlety and ephemerality.

Franziska Furter (b.1972, lives and works in Basel and Berlin) has had solo exhibitions at: Lichthaus, Kunstverein Arnsberg (2013), Les Halles, Porrentruy (2012), Towner, Eastbourne (2011) and has participated in numerous major group exhibitions, including Traît Papier, Palazzo, Liestal (2013), Parasite, Ozean, Berlin(2013), Reflections from Nature, Songeun artspace, Seoul (2012), Voici un dessin suisse, 1990-2010, Kunsthaus Aarau (2011), Drawn in, Travelling Gallery, Touring Bus, Scotland (2011)

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