Drawing Research Forum 2023/24 Sessions – Part 1



2-3.45pm, Library

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Taking place on Friday 13th October, from 2-3:45pm, this afternoon of presentations and discussions, selected from an open call, provides access to recent research examining critical issues around contemporary drawing.

The session will feature presentations and a plenary discussion with artists examining diverse themes, and utilising and developing current discourse around contemporary drawing.  The Drawing Research Forum provides a space for knowledge exchange between disciplines, encourages cross-fertilization of ideas and methodology, and fosters collaborations between artists and researchers.

Presentations include:

  • Filippo Bosco – On “sick drawings”. Narratives of marginality
  • Dr Andrew Chesher – Self-likeness without Identity: Lygia Clark’s Caminhando as drawing
  • Johannes Muselaers – If the draftsman has foresight, he cannot have sight: Philippe Vandenberg’s (1952-2009) Aesthetics of Drawing


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Filippo Bosco – I have been a PhD candidate at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa since 2018 and the 2021-2022 Pre-Doctoral Fellow at the Menil Drawing Institute in Houston, Texas.  I completed my Masters degree in History of Art at the University of Pisa, with the dissertation ‘Notes on Magic Realism. German and Italian painting in the Twenties’. In 2018 and 2020 I was affiliated with the Freie Universität in Berlin. My field of interest includes Italian art criticism and painting between XIX and XX centuries (with articles and catalogue essays on Pittura Metafisica), Postwar art theory (Pop Art and performativity) and Arte Povera graphic work (Penone, Centre Pompidou 2022). After co-curating an exhibition about the Futurist Giacomo Balla (2016) and the permanent collection (2017) in the Modern Art Gallery in Turin, I collaborated on the catalogue of the Cerruti Collection in Rivoli. My PhD project is dedicated to ‘Drawing and Conceptualism: Paradigms, Practices and International Exchanges in Italy (1969-1979)’. I am currently writing a book on the early years and private sketches of Giuseppe Penone (1968-1970).

Dr Andrew Chesher – Dr Chesher’s research focuses on Neo-avantgarde and post-conceptual practices with a special emphasis on phenomenology and critical theory. His essays include: ‘Phenomenology After Conceptual Art’ published in Analecta Husserliana: The Yearbook of Phenomenological Research(2018), ‘Reconfiguring the Lifeworld: Spatial Experience in the Universe of Technical Images’ in Time, Space and Mobility (2018), and ‘Desublimating the Gestalt: Towards an Archaeology of Robert Morris’s Anti Form’ in Zeitschrift für Ästhetik und allgemeine Kunstwissenschaft (2021). He has given academic papers at international conferences in Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Belgium and various parts of the UK, most recently the paper ‘Broodthaers’ Pleasure of the Text: On Une Seconde d’Éternité’ at the conference ‘Marcel Broodthaers and Cinema’ at the Cinematek in Brussels (June 2022). He has also directed documentaries on modern music that have been screened in North America and Europe, including ‘Knots and Fields: Darmstadt and the Legacies of Modernism’ (made with David Ryan) (2010) and ‘Changing the System’ (on Christian Wolf) (2007). He gained his PhD from Chelsea College of Arts in 2007, where he is a senior lecturer in the Fine Art program.

Johannes Muselaers – Johannes is a PhD researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of the KU Leuven. Funded by the Methusalem research project ‘(Re-)Presentation in Image and Art’, his thesis will examine the relationship between drawing, perception and reality. Muselaers holds a master’s degree in Art History from the KU Leuven. Between 2017 and 2023, he served as head of collections at the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation in Brussels.