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Drawing in Social Space ONE

Mujeres Creando

Drawing in Social Space: Project 1 connects Bolivian activist collective, Mujeres Creando, BA Fine Art students and Young Girlz Matter – a collective of 12–17 year old female students from Southbank University Academy. Over six weeks the groups spent time connecting and exploring what it means to be part of a collective, reflecting on the processes of Mujeres Creando through drawing activities, visits to the university, walks, games and sharing food, all situated in the context of South East London. A co-produced zine which documented the groups shared work and experiences was gifted to the girls at a celebration event and will be archived in the libraries of Camberwell College of Arts, Drawing Room, and Southbank Academy University.

Drawing in Social Space seeks to explore drawing beyond the gallery walls and in the context of public realm settings, creating connections locally and globally. It took place during Drawing Room’s relocation to permanent premises, during which it operated without a gallery space and developed the project in partnership with Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London, as a form of knowledge exchange.

Mujeres Creando is a collective formed in 1992 in La Paz, Bolivia. It operates in several fields – from provision of legal aid and social programmes to radio broad-casting and artistic-political interventions – always with an activist approach and from an anarcho-feminist perspective.

For almost three decades, feminist collective Mujeres Creando have promoted solidarity on the streets of La Paz, Bolivia, with zines, graffiti, performances, and a pirate radio station named Radio Deseo in their arsenal. Mujeres Creando uses satire to problemitise ways women’s bodies are sexualized within patriarchal, Catholic society in South America. Cartoons, slogans and installations help create a zone of productive debate and encounter.

Young Girlz Matter is a self-formed collective of female students at UAE Secondary school, an engineering academy where girls are a minority of the school population. The group meets weekly, making a safe space for creativity, conversation and


Thanks to all involved:

Alexis, Amara, Evie, Hibaaq, Isabelle, Jessie, Joanna, Mariam, Sara, Shahinaz, Yara and Zahira, Young Girlz Matter,  Southbank University Academy

Agnes Brandstaetter, UAL Student

Amel Maziri, Teacher, Southbank University Academy

Hannah Kelly, UAL Student

Hugh Smyth, UAL Student

Iman Hussein, Librarian, Southbank University Academy

Kelly Chorpening, Programme Director: Fine Art, Camberwell UAL

Marta Patricio Lopes Paula, UAL Student

Misty Ingham, Projects Curator, Drawing Room

Mujeres Creando, Artist Collective

Popea Salisbury, UAL Student

Renee Odjidja, Fine Art Senior Lecturer, Camberwell College of Arts, UAL

Funded by Camberwell College of Arts, University of Arts London