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Drawing in Social Space TWO


Drawing in Social Space: Project 2 connects artist Gluklya, BA Fine Art Students and the Citizens UK community-support project, Parents and Communities Together (PACT). The project produced a web of encounters and interactions, between all involved, beginning with volunteering sessions at PACT by Drawing Room’s team and UAL placement students. Gluklya worked with students to explore methods of collaboration, mapping and storytelling, considering how drawing can support the ways we gather information and connect with people. Students spent time in groups working across disciplines to tell stories of and map South London, creating a series of layered and conversational works. Ideas were developed through workshop proposals which were delivered at PACT’s parent sessions, to expand on creative approaches to storytelling and collaboration.

Parent leaders from PACT , Estafania, Sharon and Helen, met with Gluklya and students to connect, feedback and consult on ideas.

A local church used by the PACT’s Be Well Wednesdays group was transformed into The Club of Unpredictable Drawings, a new game devised by Gluklya to explore how drawing, movement and play can support wellbeing. Parents, children, students and staff created an immersive space of drawings, marking their presence and time through gestures, poses and improvised actions.

The project culminated in a zine co-designed and produced by the project curators and placement students, Hugh Smyth, Severina Dico-Young and Alicja Orzechowska.

Drawing in Social Space seeks to explore drawing beyond the gallery walls and in the context of public realm settings, creating connections locally and globally. It took place during Drawing Room’s relocation to permanent premises, during which it operated without a gallery space and developed the project in partnership with Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London, as a form of knowledge exchange.


Gluklya (Natalia Pershina-Yakimanskaya) is a Netherlands based Russian artist interested in justice and resistance. Through drawing, clothing, text, installations, video, performance and participatory practice, her work she embraces the personal stories of characters, revealing the conflict between political systems and personal inner worlds. Her process, often playful, creates conditions for people from different social backgrounds to come together. Her work highlights the hidden tactics that people might invent to empower themselves and navigate repressive structures

Parents and Communities Together (PACT) is a community-led social support project to support and empower parents in order to improve the health and development outcomes for young children in Walworth and Camberwell. The project adopts a community organising approach to promote early years development; combat isolation; support physical and mental health.


Thank you to all involved:

BA Fine Art Students Camberwell College of Art, UAL : Adelina, Agnes, Amara, Fahimeh, Geraldine, Katie, Majo, Marnie Molly, Nikos, Patrick, Shamss, Shaowei, Sim and Zahna.

Alicja Orzechowska, Illustration, Student, Camberwell College of Arts, UAL

Deshni, Mum’s Space Lead, PACT

Ellie, Be Well Wednesdays Lead, PACT

Estafania, Parent Leader, PACT

Esme Wedderburn, BA Illustration, Student, Camberwell College of Arts, UAL

Helen, Parent Leader, PACT

Hugh Smyth, Placement Student, Drawing Room

Kelly Chorpening, Programme Director: Fine Art, Camberwell College of Art UAL

Layla, Senior Project Manager, PACT

Mery, Espacio Mama Lead, PACT

Mena, Babies @ Mum’s Space Lead, PACT

Misty Ingham, Projects and Partnerships Curator, Drawing Room

Renee Odjidja, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, Camberwell College of Art UAL

Severina Dico Young, Placement Student, Drawing Room

Sharon, Parent Leader, PACT

Werda, Projects Coordinator, PACT

Funded by Camberwell College of Arts, University of Arts London