Drawing Acts

Drawing Act V

Ayesha Feisal


Along the line, In the Space

Ayesha Feisal was the lead artist for Drawing Act V, responding to Drawing Room’s exhibition FIGURE/S: Drawing After Bellmer. Ayesha worked with South London Maudsley’s NHS Women’s Ward, alongside peer support workers Anna Geissman (MA Dance and Movement Psychotherapy) and Deirdre McGale (artist).

The book, The Body Keeps the Score: Mind, Brain and Body in the Transformation of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk was central to the project. This text expanded on exhibition themes exploring the body as a site of liberation, oppression and pleasure through the work of Hans Bellmer (1902 – 1975) and other artists from around the world.

Ayesha encouraged women to form their own language and explore new techniques exploring body, symbols and colour. Each session fused movement activities with drawing, blurring lines between art and dance, staff and patient, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and community. Drawings were shared through an intimate exhibition at the ward and a publication produced to document the groups collective experience.

Ayesha Feisal is a London based artist whose work uses the human form as a means to investigate the psyche. She creates complex amorous forms, drawing inspiration from the study of behaviour and the mind, whilst exploring the effects of experience. Ayesha is interested in consciousness, universal law, balance and truth. She is drawn to portraying characters who move beyond the impact of circumstance, environment and social condition. She sees creativity as a form of resistance and self-empowerment. Feisal holds a BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Fine Art. Recent exhibitions include: Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts; Reclaiming The Magic, 2021 and ING Discerning Eye 2021 Mall Galleries; Feisal was selected for ‘No Room for Fear’ with SMO Contemporary, in partnership with the BBFA Collective and The Smithsonian National Museum of African Art.

Thanks to all involved

Abimbola, Bex, Charlene, Clodagh, Holly, Imogen, Iona, Jasmine, Kim, Lemara, Llamina, Louise, Marice, Maya, Patricia, Rebecca, Samantha, Sherifat, Simona, Sophia, Sophie and Victoria

Anna Geissman, Movement Artist and Peer Support Worker, SLAM
Deirdre Mcgale, Artist and Peer Support Worker, SLAM
Misty Ingham, Projects Curator, Drawing Room
Sheyamali Sudesh, Learning Coordinator, Drawing Room
Varv Varv, Publication Graphic Design