Drawing Acts

Drawing Act II

Alexis Teplin

A pattern, a performance, a film – this artist-led project invited children from Charlotte Sharman Primary School into the processes behind Alexis Teplin’s practice. Running concurrently with Donna Huddleston’s exhibition, the project explored ideas around costume, performance, collectively and individuality. The children began researching colour, shape and repetition in Drawing Room’s Library and upscaled their findings back at school, using the hall as a studio to make giant collaborative works on canvas. They then cut, taped, stitched and tied their work – dressing each other into an ensemble of wearable drawings. Led by the artist, the group marched around the school building and Elephant & Castle neighbourhood describing themselves as a ‘circus’, ‘a mob’, ‘a protest’ and a ‘parade’. The resulting moving-image piece exists as a series of portraits, revealing the behaviours of the children elevated through these playful processes.

Alexis Teplin has exhibited work in London and internationally including: It’s my Pleasure to Participate, Bluecoat, Liverpool; Nocturnal Creatures & Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Gallery, London 2018; Arch (The Politics of Fragmentation) 20th Sydney Biennale, Sydney 2016; Costume: Written Clothing, Tramway, Glasgow, 2013.

Thanks to all involved:

Children of Year 5, Charlotte Sharman Primary School

Alexis Teplin, Artist

Amy Rose Barnes, Learning Assistant

Betsy Dadd, Learning Curator, Drawing Room

Betsy Dadd, Cinematography and Film Edit

Laura Nichols, Year 4 Teacher and Art Lead, Charlotte Sharman Primary School

James Hartley, Year 5 Teacher, Charlotte Sharman Primary School